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            1. Relative Institutions

              China Construction Industry Association, Architectural Society of China, China Civil Engineering Society, China Equipment Installation Association, China Real Estate Association, China Exploration and Design Association, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Architects Regional Council Asia, etc.

              International Communication

              Embassy of Italy, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Embassy of Denmark, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Embassy of Canada and Canada China Business Council, Culture and Education Section British Embassy, etc..

              Design Studios

              We have relationships with approximately 1000 domestic design institutions and 300 overseas institutions.

              Professional Media

              Architectural Creation, World Architecture, Architecture Technique, Community Design, Architectural Journal, Interior Designer, Design Trends, Urban Flux, Urban China, Professional Lighting Design, INTERIOR DESIGN, ihome, China Construction News, Construction Times, Construction Technology, etc..

              Social Media

              Sina, ifeng, Sohu, QQ, baidu, Beijing News, China Business Journal, Beijing Youth Daily, SHANGHAI PICTORIAL, VISION, etc..